Home, Sweet Tiny Home


If you need to reach me sometime in the near future - check my driveway. Nevermind the big house. SWOON! I'm in love with my tiny playhouse of a travel trailer. I've barely left her INside in three days.

I'm still in the process of getting to know this little gem. The title says she's a 1968 Aladdin. It's a travel trailer company that used to operate out of Hillsboro, Oregon. Seeing as I lived there and loved my seven years, that makes me even more head-over-heels in love!

The search for my soul mate didn't take as long as I had anticipated: one week of craigslist stalking, one weekend of trailer hunting, and another week of coordinating schedules for a final look-see. As predicted, you know when you know when you know when you know.


Her delicious interior enticed me from the moment I stepped inside. It's hard to believe this trailer is almost 50 years old. Her pristine walls mask her age well. The wood and upholstery are all original and in fantastic shape. The flooring is original, with just one small discolored spot. The lights are original, with only one broken glass lampshade. Water damage is minimal, almost more like condensation, but nothing that feels soft or brittle. (Although we later found leaks, which I'll blog about soon. CHECK OUT YOUR TRAILER IN A RAIN STORM!)


The charming coordinating stove and ice box have some rust to contend with, but I'm up to the challenge. It's mainly the chrome. I'll be researching ideas and testing theories on how to best get that gunk off. (Feel free to leave links and tips in the comments!)

The upholstery will also have to go... to storage. While it's gorgeous given its age, it's no longer comfortable enough to endure laying on throughout an entire night.


I'm also struggling with some serious guilt about my plans for that wood paneling. While a lovely honey shade, I'll sleep better on my comfortable new upholstery knowing it's all been cleaned and given a fresh start with a new coat of paint. I also think the space will feel much brighter, bigger and more modern in a creamy white or cream.

The old tarnished and bent brass curtain rods are already down. The entire interior has been scrubbed from floor to ceiling, and the plans for her alterations were drawn up over cocktails under the original gas lamp.

While a bit more pricey than I had originally budgeted, this $4,000 trailer is the perfect fit for us. What I spent in trailer, I saved in wasted weekends, new truck and monthly storage. Her svelt figure allows for her to be pulled by our Volkeswagen Tiguan, Her petitie stature helped her slide in (by an inch) into the area to the side of our home. And she has just enough room for the people I love most in life.

To see more photos, check out the "BEFORE" gallery. And if you've already tackled your own camper to glamper renovation, I'd love any tips or things to watch out for as I get to work. I know I've got to get the windows sealed in order to stop the leaks, but first.... I'm off to research fabric. Priorities, you know.


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