Goldilocks & the Three (Ok, Four) Trailers

Once upon a time there was a girl named Anita. She went for a drive on Interstate Five and ended up visiting a trailer in an unnamed town near the Seattle airport. “Good God! That dingy disaster doesn’t look anything like the pictures on Craigslist,” she cried! And so goes the tale of my very first trailer hunt expedition.

1. Too much of a disaster.

This one was out the minute I walked up and peeked in the door. You might be looking at the pictures thinking, “Oh really? Why? It’s not THAT horrendous!” Although the photos present a certain sort of charm with the walls of wood paneling and the cute curtains, the Covered Wagon is a patchwork of disaster with an even bigger disaster of a price tag.

You’ve got to be kidding! It was so bad I didn’t even bother to take one photo. Instead, I immediately began to rethink this whole idea of transforming a camper to a glamper. Feeling overwhelmed by the volume of work yet to be done and underwhelmed by the prospect, I kept wondering: what critters mold and water damage are hiding behind the walls? What travesty was that paneling covering up?

I feel bad for the nice woman selling it. She talked about the hours of work they had put in, and hinted the previous seller hadn’t disclosed many of the problems. (You think?) My guess is she’s trying to get her money out of it, but she’ll be lucky to get half to one-third of the price she’s asking. So, while I did a stellar job of feigning interest, I was really just planning the quickest escape that wouldn’t come off too rude.

2. Too creepy.

This Aristocrat Land Commander isn’t a bad find. It’s a good size, a decent weight, and who doesn’t love a turquoise stove and refrigerator.


What I personally couldn’t get over: the creepy bathroom in the back. ICK! There’s no way I would EVER take a shower in that. I’d rather stink for a week. Not to mention, it just felt like another opportunity for water damage. It was nice to see the bathroom and evaluate how it impacts the space and the trailer weight. I quickly realized it’s just not a priority for my glamper-to-be.


There was also something that felt “off” about the layout. If the bed is left open, you have limited access to the creepy bathroom or much of the kitchen. With a baby who will likely be napping on that said bed it just doesn’t feel... useful. Moving on.

3. Too cute!

This pink trailer is ADORABLE! Did I mention, it’s pink? Pink on the outside, pink on the inside, pink curtains, and a PINK STOVE! Le sigh. She’s perfect… for someone else. If I was just going for a glamper Big Pink would be a contender, but I’m not after perfect. I want to get some paint on MY hands and dirt under MY fingernails. I’m after something I can transform into MY version of perfect. (Hint - it’s NOT pink.)


And let’s be real: do you REALLY think I would allow my husband to be caught dead borrowing that glamper for a dude’s fly fishing trip? I can just envision him rolling up to the river and parking it. He’d lose all his man-cred. Even the salmon would be laughing at him, and they DO pink!

4. Too… Maybe Just Right?

Remember my first post about love and how when you know you just know? Looking at the ad on craigslist for this 1968 Aladdin somehow felt like a reconnection. Her curved corners, her turquoise kitchen appliances, her original lights, upholstery, paneling, everything! Online, she seemed like we might click, and then we met in person.


I’m not going to say too much more about her right now. I don’t want to jinx it… and I don’t want you racing out and snatching her up before I can get back up to her. I’m also struggling with the fear of settling too soon. The emotional side of my brain keeps reminding me this was my first trip out and there could be another trailer out there that’s even better. The rational side thinks - great! Now you don’t have to spend weekends looking and can get to camper-to-glampering right away.

Well, you won’t have to wait too long to see what I decide to do. The weekend is almost here!

I've got more photos from the day over on the "Camper to Glamper" facebook page!

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