I’m looking for love.

Searching for soul mate.

Ready to make a commitment.

Willing to put in the hard work to build a beautiful relationship.

Although I’m not exactly certain what the special someone will look like, I do know it’s not about what’s on the outside, but her inside that will whisper to my heart.

When I see her - I’ll know in an instant she’s the one:

My very own vintage travel trailer.

After years of oogling, googling and drooling, I’ve decided it’s time to finally stop talking about it and get one of my own. I’m a grown-up woman with a paycheck, for goodness sake! But, I’m not just in search of a classic caravan. I want one with good bones that I can rehab and fix up. I want a camper that I can turn into a glamper! (Even though I kinda-sorta hate that term - it just works for this.)

Maybe it’s my mid-life crisis hitting a little early. I’m turning 40 this summer. It’s not like I have idle time to waste. You know, working full-time as a television journalist and raising a baby boy… that’s not a free-time suck, or anything. Oy!

Is it the over-the-top cute I crave? An excuse to get out my sewing machine, paint brush and glue gun? A space to completely chick-out and make all my girlie own? A grown-up version of a playhouse complete with coordinating dishes? A nod to nostalgia and a time when families actually enjoyed one another’s company? Or, maybe the freedom to hitch her up and hit the road without a specific destination in mind? A way to show my son his backyard that is the Pacific Northwest?

I think it's a little of all of that… and I can’t wait.

Tomorrow I start my quest to find true love.


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